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Timothy Speaks: Can I Tell You Something?

Okay just listen!
My wife and I were on a trip to Dubai last year onboard an Ethiopian airline, when we got to Addis Ababa, we were all separated according to our respective destinations. That incident further taught me that, in the journey of destiny, that you are on the same route with people does not mean you have same destination with them, be sensitive to know when you have arrived your junction and make the required turn. Your current transit point maybe someone’s ultimate destination.

Everyone who makes a recognizable mark in any field is highly insensitive to sentiments. It’s not possible to change levels and sustain a continuous change of levels without losing some friends and associates and gaining new friends and associates, to be sentimentally attached is to mortgage destiny and be buried in mediocrity and average existence.

Don’t let those doing town service distract you from keeping abreast of the fact that your journey is inter-state or international.

A scaffold maybe very important during construction, but may not be necessary after finishing.

The summary is, be open and sensitive to God and the changes happening around and within you.

You won’t fail!

May God send your way the right people you need at this phase of your life in Jesus Name!

This week shall not leave you empty-handed in Jesus Name!